2022 spring and summer shared tours

Join us on one of our shared spring and summer tours. Please send us an e-mail if you are interested and if you have any further questions. Most of our tours are easy canoe tours, hikes or bicycle tours, perfect for beginners and children as well. We love tasting local food and wine, so we often add gastronomic elements to our programs. To request a private tour for your group or any tour that is not on the list, please send us an e-mail, we left a few weekend days empty for special requests. Private tours can also be arranged during weekdays.

We speak Hungarian, English, Italian and some German. Guides speaking other languages on request.

We also take SZÉP card.

April 24. Bicycle tour on the Szentendrei island

Easy bicycle tour on one of the biggest islands in the Danube, quickly reachable from Budapest for a great daytrip. We'll start the tour in Göd, you can come with your own bike or rent a bike there. We'll take the ferry to the island. We'll experience island life during our tour: we'll relax by the Danube, ride our bike on the dam, visit the local farmers' market, have coffee in a riverside bar and enjoy lunch in a recently reopened café, which is not just a meeting place of local people, friends and families, but also a cultural center with a great variety of programs.

8000 HUF/person for adults, 4000 HUF/person for children

The price includes: tour guides and organization fees.

May 7-8. Active gastro-weekend in the hidden villages of Baranya

During this 2-day program we do some easy hikes among green rolling hills, spring flower meadows, vineyards and lakes to some small villages of Baranya, most of them unknown even to Hungarian people. We'll enjoy an eco-lunch prepared by a local lady, we'll have dinner in a unique home-restaurant and our Sunday lunch will take place on a stunning farm in the Zselic hills. This is one of our favourite regions in Hungary, Attila even lived and studied in Pécs for five years. Of course, two days are not enough to discover Baranya, so we have created this itinerary including our personal favourites.

37.000 HUF/person for adults

The price includes: two lunches, one dinner, the entrance fee to a traditional Swabian house-museum, tour guides and organization fees.

May 14-15. Active weekend in the Gemenc forest

During this tour you'll get an insight into one of the most famous forests of Hungary. On Saturday we'll do an easy canoe tour on a smaller Danube branch through the forest, getting off on an island. In the afternoon we'll visit a beautiful Swabian village, where we can peek into a traditional Swabian house and taste some local specialties. On Sunday we'll get on the small forest train, then do some short walks in the forest and visit some wild animals. We finish the program with lunch, where fish soup will be prepared Baja style.

25.000 HUF/person

The price includes: canoe, equipments, a small tasting in the Swabian house, the train ticket and the fish soup lunch.

May 22. Luppa island canoe tour

During this easy, pleasant tour we paddle from Szentendre and peek into some smaller branches of the Danube. We stop on the unique Luppa island, take a walk around and we'll tell you about the history of Luppa and its villas. We'll relax in the only local bar, where you can have a warm lunch or you can also bring your own sandwich. After getting back in our canoes we'll paddle by the famous tiny island with just one tree, carry on under the Megyeri bridge and finish the tour on Római part, where you can have a traditional Hungarian lángos if you are still hungry.

9000 HUF/person for adults, 5000 HUF/person for children

The price includes: canoes, equipments, tour guides, organization fees and the transfer of the canoes.

July 23., 30., August 13., 20. Danube Bend canoe tour

We'll start the tour on the beach of Zebegény, stop on different islands and reefs for swimming, have lunch in Nagymaros and finish the tour in Kismaros. We'll spend the whole day enjoying the sunshine, the refreshing water of the Danube, the stunning views of the Danube Bend, the good company as well as drinks and food in our favourite beach bars. This is our most popular summer tour!

9500 HUF/person for adults, 6500 HUF/person for children.

The price includes: canoes, equipments, tour guides, organization fees and the transfer of the canoes.

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