About our team

Tamara and Attila are running Hungary-SlowTravel together and are happy to be your guide, or to organize your trip to Hungary, working together with their partner travel agency. They will take you to under-the-radar places both in Budapest and in the countryside, arrange your booking in quality boutique accommodation, make you taste Hungarian food, which is so much more than just a goulash, tell you about the best wines and wine regions of Hungary, and above all, introduce you to wonderful local people. Either in Budapest or the countryside, they'll help you travel slow and experience more.

Tamara graduated at the University of Economics, and has worked in tourism for over 20 years. She was a glacier guide in Canada and a tour leader for Intrepid Travel in Italy. She also spent long years at one of the biggest and best travel agencies of Hungary, gaining important experience as head of marketing, then later head of tour operation and product development. She is passionate about her family, travel, photography, languages, cultural festivals, farmers' markets, vineyards and slow living. She is trying to find balance between being the happy mom of a vivacious 6-year-old and working on her websites and travel business.

Seven years ago Tamara made the big decision to be a freelancer and never regretted it for a moment. She loves the freedom and flexibility, and is always full of new ideas. Having lived and worked in Italy for years, she has been running cinqueterre-travel.com for over a decade and started italy-slowtravel.com to write about and organise travel to less known destinations in Italy. Now, living in a small village in the beautiful countryside of Hungary, she has decided to write about her native country. Although she has travelled to 5 continents, she is still in love with the Hungarian countryside. As a licenced tour guide, she will show you the secrets of Budapest, but can't wait to take you to the countryside. Her mission is to show you that Hungary is so much more than just a famous and stunning capital city.


Attila is a geographer, has been crazy about maps ever since he was 7. He loves outdoors and water, has been working as a canoe guide for 29 years. He also leads hiking, biking and cultural tours, both in Hungary and abroad. At the moment his favourite destinations are Georgia, Kazakhstan and Turkey, but he is open and curious about every country in the world.

Attila knows all the hidden treasures in Hungary, has even written a book about them. As a professor of geography, he also teaches tourism at a university, but you can ask him all about Hungarian history as well. He has written his PhD thesis about canoe tours. He knows the lakes and rivers of Hungary very well, but also all the thermal spas. As a tourism consultant he has participated in the development of several thermal baths around the country. Just like Tamara, he is also passionate about travel and photography, and he also loves writing about the places they discover together. He is always full of energy, ran several marathons, and he will crawl inside, climb up or jump for a good photo. He is very creative, with an excellent sense of humour, and always makes sure people around him are happy. Join him on an active tour in Hungary, and you won't be bored for a second.


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